The Benefits of Line-Drying Laundry

Line dry laundry

In the age of busy lives, new laundry appliances enter the market daily, promising to save time and money, so it’s no wonder that the concept of line-drying laundry seems foreign to most consumers. Since the 1960s, the number of households relying on automatic dryers to finish a washed load of laundry has significantly increased, making line-drying an almost-forgotten practice. The following benefits show why line-drying is still worth the effort.

Line-drying makes “green” sense

The average family processes five to six loads of laundry per week. Even when compared to energy-saving appliances, line drying a few months a year can reduce annual carbon-dioxide (CO₂) emissions by over 1,300-pounds.

Save money on energy bills

Using gas and electric dryers will cost between 42 cents and 70 cents to dry a load of laundry. This may seem an insignificant amount, but it adds up to an annual energy expense of $218 or more — just for drying laundry. A household can easily reduce the annual expense by $100 with line drying.

Whiten without bleach

An afternoon in the sun will naturally bleach white and light materials, reducing the need to add chemicals or bleach to the wash cycle. Using fewer chemicals is better for you, your wallet, and the environment.

air dry laundry

The fresh-air scent of real fresh-air

Adding fragrances to the laundry detergent makes nice-smelling laundry, but the smell of laundry dried in the fresh air can’t be bottled. Laundry keeps the fresh scent longer when line dried, and bed linens will have a soothing, natural fragrance that will lull you to sleep.


Although not a high-impact cardio move, packing a basket of wet laundry to hang on a line is a leg and shoulder workout that can’t be achieved by letting the dryer do all the work. An added bonus is time spent outside soaking up vitamin D and fresh air.

Rising energy rates and environmental concerns have most people looking for ways to reduce costs, while maintaining an eco-friendly household. Line drying laundry is an easy way to accomplish both with minimal financial investment.