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About us and why buy a Breezecatcher clothesline

Breezecatcher is an Irish company based in Dublin. After years of installing other branded rotary clotheslines and being constantly let down by the diminishing quality we decided to produce our own dryers. Tom Delaney our founder was a steel fabricator so he knew how to build items from steel and from our years dealing with the failures of the shop bought dryers he knew all the design flaws to be avoided. The strength and durability of the Breezecatcher design has been well proven over twenty five years supplying our dryers worldwide. We get many reviews sent in by customers, all of which can be read on .

What we try to achieve is not just supplying a product that has quality and durability, we also strive to produce a product that enhances your life and take some of the strife out of your laundry day. The Breezecatcher is a very functional utility product that is totally fit for purpose and a pleasure to use. We also strive to put this product on the market at a reasonable and affordable price and ask you to think of this purchase as a long term investment. We say the dryers frame will last thirty years, the reality is they will last a lot longer, OK they will need new cord once in awhile but for a true breakdown on the cost take the landed purchase price and divide by thirty to get a cost per year to use one of the best dryers available.

All dryers purchased on this website are dispatched from Dublin.