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Installing a rotary clothesline

Installing a rotary clothesline


The dryer is supplied pre-assembled and pre-strung and includes the ground socket.

 Materials required for the concrete base

5 kilos of cement

20 kilos of sand

9 inch by 9 inch cavity block,


60 pounds of ready mix concrete

9 inch by 9 inch cinder block,

All are available from your local Builders providers.

Step 1

Mix enough cement to fill the Center of the cavity block. ( the mix is 1 part cement 4 parts sand )

Place the socket into the block and let it set.

Leave at least 2.5 cm to 5 cm (1 to 2 inches) of the socket above the block.


*** Be careful not to let the cement rise up the center of the socket ***

Step 2

Dig a hole which is about 30 cm (12 inches) square and about 40 cm (18 inches) deep. If you save the piece of lawn removed, you will be able to replace it later.




Place some small stones in the bottom of the hole, just under the bottom end of the socket and surround them with cement, this will allow rainwater to drain away.

Be sure the fill is enough to bring the top of the socket just below the level of the lawn, if the top of the socket is protruding it will prevent you from running the lawnmower over this spot, so leave it just below the level of the soil.

Now fill the rest of the hole with concrete, if you leave it below the level of the lawn you will be able to replace the sod that you removed earlier.

Step 3

To opening the dryer slide the lower bracket up to the collar and hook, open the hook to allow the bracket to pass and reach the collar, check the lines to make sure there are no tangles or snags and keep your fingers clear as the bracket reaches the collar.

Now before the base sets place the open clothes dryer into the socket and adjust the dryer making sure it is straight and level.

When not in use the rotary clothesline can be removed from the socket and stored away.  We recommend using a storage cover as this will prevent the lines being snagged or getting tangled when stored.

Lastly we know how much fun the top spinning dryers can be to children, please be advised clothesline cord can be a danger for children, so please take care to supervise children at all times and do not allow them to use the dryer as a play thing.