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Benefits of using Outdoor Clothesline

It is not exactly known how the concept of outdoor clothesline came into existence. Around 1956, a lot of families started to use clothes lines right outside their apartment windows to hang their wet clothes to dry. It is assumed that perhaps sailors invented the concept. Having no other means of drying their clothes, they would hang them on ropes stretching taut from one pole of the ship to another. They even had plenty of time during their seafaring voyages to whittle clothes clips from wood. While no one remembers how they ever came to exist, we certainly do remember when clotheslines went out of fashion.

Over the next few decades, the invention of the electric washer and drying machines helped the middle class families in the US to confine their laundry activities within the four walls of their home. The washer and dryer machines were definitely seen as a blessing, considering the fact that the process of cleaning clothes became very quick and also quite convenient. Winters were no longer dreaded as people did not have to go out to the snow and hang up wet clothes in the cold. Outdoor clotheslines were also seen as visually unappealing. Who would want to hang out their underwear and clothes out in the open for neighbours to witness? Space was definitely an issue as more and more people left the suburbs to move to the city, where living in apartments was the usual norm.

With modern technology coming in to the rescue, the practice of using outdoor clotheslines almost faded away. But history repeats itself quite often, and in the 20th century, several inventors started to challenge the conventional clothesline practice, while coming up with better ideas to dry wet clothes in an environmentally-friendly way. After several attempts, the retractable, elongated rotary washing lines came into existence. In most houses now, the rotary clothes line has become a very common device. This revival in an age old practice is definitely an attempt to be more aware of our roots and maintaining cultural originality.

Outdoor clotheslines have always symbolized a way of living that has been fading away over the years. This laundry activity has been seen as a sign of a stable family routine that has always been a true mark of suburban life. However, it is not just a nostalgic sentiment that pushes people to leave their washer and dryer machines behind and adopt an older method. The truth is that outdoor clotheslines are quite beneficial in multiple ways, and they have proven to be quite economical too. Some of the benefits of using outdoor clotheslines have been listed below:

– Environment friendly:

Washer and dryer machines utilize a lot of electric power which is not very helpful in the long run. These machines expel unnatural amounts of greenhouse gases that are detrimental to the environment. Also consider the huge bill you would end up with if you used these machines every day. Laundry can become a very expensive activity if you do not know what steps to take in order to economise. Using an outdoor clothesline on the other hand is very cheap and inexpensive. It will not cost you any money to hang clothes up on the wires and let them air dry naturally.

– Better quality result:

How many times have you ended up with clothes tearing and wearing off easily after drying them mechanically? Using dryer can be convenient in many ways, but it is usually not a very good option for your clothes. Over time, the fabric gets weakened and stretched very quickly and this can cause it to tear or thin out. If you keep using the dryers, your clothes won’t last long. Natural process of air drying clothes is much more effective as it will not have any adverse effects on the quality of the fabric.

– No shrinkage:

Dryers are often known for shrinking clothes. This is something that never happens when people use outdoor clotheslines.

– Clothes stay soft:

By forcing the fabric to dry in dryers, you will be making the clothes material quite stiff and hard. When you naturally dry them out by using outdoor clothesline, you can keep your clothes softer and less wrinkled.

– Convenience of using rotary clotheslines:

Clotheslines have come a long way. They are no longer just ropes that are simply tied from one end to another to hang clothes on. Nowadays, sophisticated gears have been brought into the picture to make the process of naturally drying clothes a much more convenient job. It can be very difficult to keep carrying baskets of clothes down the line as you keep hanging different items. With these rotary clotheslines, you do not even have to walk at all!

These new clotheslines come with an extended grid that can be rotated. All you have to do is lay different clothes on them, rotate to bring the empty grid sides closer to you, and keep hanging the rest of the items as well. Once you are done setting up your clothes, you can push the grid up, so that it will be elevated higher and keep the clothes from getting in the way of people walking by.

Outdoor clothesline are definitely making a comeback, and this time they are back to stay! Not only are people finding them to be the more economical choice, but the overall experience of hanging clothes in the yard while chatting with the neighbour over the fence is something that people are now positively getting used to. It also helps people to take a moment of break from their daily chores and work life. Parents are sneaking in a tiny cigarette break outside their house while hanging wet clothes or picking up fresh dry ones. Also, it is not a very rare sight to see parents and kids engaging in this laundry activity together and having some fun family time.

To get the best result, always invest in a proper clothesline that is durable and will give maximum benefit. Very few of these devices found in the market are genuine, so always use trusted sources while deciding which ones to buy.